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Posted by jnesmith on Thursday Mar 20, 2014 Under All

Lynx arrived in Ft Myers Beach at 1832 on March 14th. Lynx is currently dock at Nervous Nellies, Ft Myers Beach’s famous eatery at position 26 27.4N, 081 57.2W.
We had a lively run down the coast from St Petersburg, following winds of 25 – 30 kts. and 8 – 10 ft. seas, the result of a strong high pressure system that followed a low that went through the St Pete area the day before we left. The crew and passengers survived the trip with minimal discomfort. Everyone is getting some rest and preparing to greet the great people of Ft Myers Beach this St Patrick’s weekend.

We are in the company of the Nao Victoria which is a full size replica of Magellan’s ship so we are having a mini Tall Ship festival.

Captain Bob Nelson
and the great crew of the Lynx

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Ship’s Log 2014-01-28

Posted by privateerlynx on Tuesday Jan 28, 2014 Under All, Logs

Hello All,

Greetings from aboard LYNX here in St. Petersburg, Fl., where the sunshine state’s weather is fulfilling all its promises. The last 10 days or so have been fairly cold and somewhat grey by Floridian standards, so the sun and warmth are particularly welcome. We came across the bay from our berth at the Tampa Convention Center last Thursday, making good time ahead of a light northeasterly breeze and wearing fore, forestays’l, and foretops’l, and main. Now we are tied up to the outside face of the breakwater at the Harborage Marina.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Harborage, it’s a good sized Marina with several hundred slips and a significant live-aboard community. This means that we have set up in what amounts to people’s front yards. still the boaters and marina staff have been very welcoming to us, and quite a few of them turned out for a Thursday evening dinner graciously hosted by Café Boricua and organized for us by Rebecca Knight and Kris Self. It was a great chance to meet some of the locals, and a good introduction to the Café as well, which features the best Puerto Rican cuisine this side of Old San Juan.

The crew and I are enjoying it here quite a bit, though with not very much time off for extra-curriculars. Downtown is an easy few blocks walk from here and is full of great food, museums, and all the rest. I got to spend about 90 minutes at the MFA yesterday; amazing, but nowhere near enough time for the collection there.

Now we’re getting into the rhythm of our new home. sailing trips, deck tours, and ship’s maintenance. Our shipmate Samantha joined us on the 23rd, and is a great addition. She’s sailed in LYNX before, and is proficient in pretty much every aspect of the boat, and we’re being helped by our friend and Clearwater resident Richard, who volunteers with us as much as his day job and family will allow. We were also joined for a few days by our friend Claudia, a tall ship sailor who works closely with the Brig Niagara in Erie, PA, but who is now slowly making her way down to the Caribbean for a few weeks crewing a Norwegian tall ship. Not a bad adventure. Now I’ll be looking for you readers to co-opt some of her traveling spirit and come sail with us yourselves. We’re here, in St. Petersburg for the time being, waiting for you.

Fair Winds.

LYNX Captain
Andrew Peterson

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Posted by privateerlynx on Wednesday Jan 15, 2014 Under All, News

See the article and photos here:

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The Tampa Tribune reports on Lynx’s arrival in Tampa Bay

Posted by privateerlynx on Wednesday Jan 15, 2014 Under All, News

See the article, photos and video here:

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Ship’s Log 2014-01-13

Posted by privateerlynx on Monday Jan 13, 2014 Under All, Logs

Hello All,

We took our departure from Ft Myers Beach this morning at 0830. The ship’s all stowed for sea, the lines are aboard, and after rounding the fairway marker at the entrance to San Carlos Bay, we squared away, set the foretops’l, both courses, the stuns’l out to port. As soon as the deck is cleared up from those evolutions, we’ll set the main and the jack yard tops’l, and… hope that the aggregate of those sails will give us 4 kts or more. The wind is light, as you may have guessed, but it is supposed to veer into the southwest and pick up a notch, and that should allow us to keep the main engine secured for the the entire passage. nobody here signed up to serve in a motorboat, anyway. next stop, Tampa.


Captain Andrew Peterson & the Lynx Crew.

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Tampa Bay Times Reports on Lynx’s Return

Posted by privateerlynx on Thursday Jan 2, 2014 Under All, News

See the article and photos here:

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Wink News Reports On Lynx’s Arrival In Ft. Myers Beach

Posted by privateerlynx on Tuesday Dec 31, 2013 Under All, News

See the article and video here:

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Ship’s Log 2013-12-30

Posted by privateerlynx on Monday Dec 30, 2013 Under All, Logs

Dec 30th Update

Hello All,

Happy New Years from the Captain and Crew of the Schooner LYNX in sunny Ft. Myers Beach, FL

This has been a busy week for LYNX. After the splash of our initial arrival, we set to polishing our day sail routine while at the same time rotating crew out for the holidays, catching up on small maintenance issues that had popped up during the delivery, and, now that we are in warm weather again, keeping up with the Augean job of painting. Tina Sanders, cook and ship’s mom, has done a fantastic job of turning out special meals and treats for Christmas and New Year’s, and Lori Berube at the California office sent us out a package of Christmas cheer as well, so folks are in good spirits despite the busy schedule.

We are due to be part of the morning show on WINK TV tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that. In addition, while on private charter tomorrow afternoon, we will have the privilege of hosting a wedding, so the crew is busy today getting the ship turned out finest, and looking forward to performing at the top of their game for this special occasion. Do you suppose the bridesmaids will have boat shoes with 3″ heels? I’ll make sure to update you all on New Year’s Day, 2014.

Andrew Peterson

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Ship’s Log 2013-12-20

Posted by privateerlynx on Friday Dec 20, 2013 Under All, Logs

Greetings all from Ft Myers Beach, Fl,

LYNX arrived December 20th, 17 days from Gloucester, and 28 hours after our very brief stop in Key West. The first part of the leg from Key West was a bit discouraging, since we exited northwest channel into the Gulf of Mexico to find the wind directly agains us at 20 knots, accompanied by 4-6′ of good old GOM chop, which meant setting only the main and fore, and bearing away on starboard tack, laying a course for mobile, since we could point no higher than that and still keep the boat driving along. Fortunately, the wind began to veer and ease up a bit over the course of the day, and the sea laid down enough that by mid afternoon we were able to lay our course for Ft Myers, and were able to set the jib at 1900 and the foretops’l at the 2000 change of watch, and had an elegant night’s passage close reaching in 15 kts of breeze, with the moon just past full.

By the time I got on deck for the 0400 watch we were far enough ahead of our eta to be able to take the jib and tops’l and beat back and forth about 15 miles off shore, waiting for daylight to make our final approach and 1200 arrival of Bowditch Point in the Matanzas Pass. At 0800 we added the main, jib, and foretops’l and hauled away on starboard tack for the initial approach waypoint we had set for ourselves. We took in sail just off the beach, and with Gabe, Bonnie, Becca, and Ben aloft on the foretops’l yard we saluted Bowditch Point with a couple of rounds from the starboard guns, and motored up the channel to our new home here at Nervous Nellies.

Executive Director Jeffrey Woods had told me to expect a warm welcome from the town, and he did not under-sell the event. There was a color guard from the local VFW post, the mayor and members of the town council, LYNX volunteer, sailor, rower and friend Joe Guttieri, reporters, tourists, tall ship fans, parents, and the very gracious staff of Nervous Nellies were all there to greet us at the at the dock, bringing with them a replacement for last year’s highly traveled and battle-worn Fort Myers Beach Town Flag and a proclamation welcoming us home. So, dock lines doubled up, fenders and chafe gear rigged, and our new Ft. Myers Beach municipal flag flying from the starboard main signal halyard. The crew turned to and tidied up the ship for a few hours, and then was stood down to get some well deserved rest, some hot showers at a nearby hotel, and a big welcoming supper at Nervous Nellie’s, courtesy of Steve DeAngelis and staff. It was a winter solstice supper that couldn’t be beat.

And now we’re settling in, making the transition from delivery mode to day-sail mode. There’s plenty of cleaning, painting, and rigging to be done. New shipmate Jen Dexter arrived today to take over engineering duties from the very able Dan Carter, who departs on December 22nd along with volunteer deckhand and my watchmate, the ever cheerful Ben Markle, and Chief Mate Allison Taylor, who, thankfully, will be returning to us after just a few days home for the holidays. That’s the news from here. Hope all of you are well.


Andrew Peterson

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Ship’s Log 2013-12-19 Update

Posted by privateerlynx on Thursday Dec 19, 2013 Under All, Logs

The Lynx is currently at 25.07 x 82.14 c005 s5.5. The wind has veered a few points, so we are starting to get the lift we were looking for, though in addition to fore and forestays ‘l we need to motor, and the focs’le is now experiencing what I imagine is a fairly unpleasant object lesson in Newtonian physics. Eta’s now in the 15 hr range, so we might slow up a bit as we get closer, but for now we’re making the best reasonable speed and won’t give up an inch ’till we know we have it in the bag.


Captain Andrew Peterson

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